MOKOSH(A) : slavic mother goddess

MOKOSH(A) : slavic mother goddess

11" x 11" x 30.5"
Tristen Jane

Mokosh or Bereshynia : Bereshynia originally a female spirit of light, merged over time with Mokosh(a) becoming the Ukrainian Hearth Mother. With Ukrainian independence in 1991 she represented women's empowerment and national unity, now a Protector Goddess for the nation. A sculpture of Berehynia was erected on top of a tall column in Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in 2001.

materials : assembled vintage porcelain bisque bed doll attached to vintage table legs looped to older embroidery hoops, dressed in vintage doll and handmade clothes with apron pocket containing sage and adorned with a flowered headband

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